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Lesson 4: Training

The evolution of PPC expertise. The knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to manage the many moving parts of a global outreach engine.

Table of Contents

Learning Objectives

  • Objective #1 – `The skills required to do PPC well
  • Objective #2 – PPC career and professional growth
  • Objective #3 – Developing your PPC knowledge

Part A - Knowledge, Skills, Values & Attitudes

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are running every second of every day. They reach billions of people globally. They generate billions in revenue for Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and many of your other favorite websites and apps. Thousands of advertisers are leveraging the power of PPC to grow their business. 

Whether you own a business, develop an app, run a charity, teach a skill, sell a product, or play an instrument, PPC can help you reach a global audience.

The PPC professional has a diverse and profound skill set. They are strategist, executive, analyst, designer, developer and support all-in-one. I outlined the following ‘pillars’ to cover the range of skills that are required to execute PPC well.

Part B - PPC Professional Career Growth

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