The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 1.4: Training

Understanding how PPC advertising works will fundamentally change the way that you experience the internet.

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The Evolution of PPC Expertise

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are running every second of every day. They reach billions of people globally. They generate billions in revenue for Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and many of your other favorite websites and apps. Thousands of advertisers are leveraging the power of PPC to grow their business. 

Whether you own a business, develop an app, run a charity, teach a skill, sell a product, or play an instrument, PPC can help you reach a global audience.

The PPC professional has a diverse and profound skill set. They are strategist, executive, analyst, designer, developer and support all-in-one. I outlined the following ‘pillars’ to cover the range of skills that are required to execute PPC well.


The skill to conduct research that uncovers insights about the functions, phenomena, and systems that drive your business (discovery, funnels, maturity) and macroeconomic trends that impact your industry (seasonality, demand, competitiveness).


How to capture, store, process, analyze, and most importantly leverage data to make critical marketing and business decisions. In the information age, measurement is the key to digital success and knowing how to use an analytics software like Google Analytics 4 is an essential skill.


Literally, this refers to your ability to ‘attribute’ credit to the parts and interactions of your marketing engine (and organizational processes as a whole) that have the most impact. Weighing the touch points of your marketing funnel helps identify where best to allocate resources and energy.


An understanding of the way that people shop for products and services online (awareness, consideration and conversion) and offline (lead, opportunity, customer), and how to impact that journey.


Familiarity with the software and configurations needed to make PPC work. Even as PPC platforms lean towards more automation and simplicity, knowledge of what goes into the building blocks of a PPC engine is likely to remain an essential skill for the foreseeable future. 


This is the who, what, where, when, why and how of your target audiences. Not just how to get to the right audience, but also how to segment and offer them a personalized funnel and shopping experience.


The processes and systems that go into a deeper and wider scope of understanding and execution. I encourage every business that I work with to take the free digital maturity assessment offered by Google and Boston Consulting Group.


The art and science of developing the type of website content and creative assets that enlighten, educate and entertain your stakeholders. This extends beyond marketing and sales content. How your content resonates with employees, vendors and partners is equally important.


The knowledge and skill to manage the automation that powers PPC technology, like event tagging, conversion tracking and smart bidding. This is also the power to automate key processes and functions.

The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 1: Startup

The building blocks of PPC advertising

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