The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 3.1 Website

A website is the digital manifestation of an organization's office or workspace.

For many businesses, your website will be the first and main medium through which customers will engage with your brand. It'll be one of your best awareness and trust building tools.

Your best lead generation engine and/or virtual storefront.

Table of Contents

1. Setting Up a WordPress Site

The recipe for cooking up a website is easier than you think. I run using just 4 tools.

2. Building a Website Sitemap

Your website sitemap is a good opportunity to develop your storytelling ability. What do you want visitors to know about your business and services?

3. Improving the Website Experience

Leverage a free heat-mapping software - like Microsoft Clarity - to understand how users interact with your website.

The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 3: Setup

How to put together your PPC infrastructure.

Module 3.2: Analytics

Module 3.3: Attribution

Module 3.4: Accounts