The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 3.3: Attribution

Attribution refers to our capacity to attribute value to the parts of our systems that most drive impact.

Thinking about our PPC race car, how important is the engine compared to the brakes, windows, body design, or even the driver.

In the context of PPC, certain channels (search, display, video) will be more effective at driving engagement, leads and/or sales than others.

Attribution technology like Call Tracking and Customer Relationship Managers provide us the means to apply value to the parts, systems and processes in our PPC ecosystem that best contribute to business outcomes.

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Tool #1 - HubSpot CRM

Tool #2 - CallTrackingMetrics (CTM)

Important for understanding how our phone calls convert into leads and sales.

If calls are important to your business, then CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) – or any call tracking software for that matter – is crucial for understanding how calls convert into leads and sales. 

CTM allows you to sync lead/customer data with the major PPC channels and CRM softwares, like Google, Microsoft, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Facebook.

CTM also has a direct integration with Google Analytics and Looker Studio, which means being able to see call attribution data across most of your digital marketing infrastructure

And more importantly, being able to report call KPIs (first call, repeat call, length of call, call quality) effectively.

CTM may not be useful for advertisers whose customer journey is 100% online.


The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 3: Setup

How to put together your PPC infrastructure.

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