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Module 2: Setup

We need to setup the ad channels, 3rd party technology and software required to run our PPC engine. With just few powerful software platforms like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, CallTrackingMetrics and Hubspot - we will have almost everything that we need to drive out PPC performance from click-to-sale.

Table of Contents

Part A - Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Important for managing the multiple tracking tags that you will need to install on your website.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be used to “store” all of your tracking tags in one place. Using GTM saves on the time and resources that are usually paid to development teams that have to manually place each tracking tag directly on the website.

GTM is best thought of in three pieces: 

1. The tag (or script) of the software that you want to track (Google Ads or Google Analytics for example). 

2. The trigger that “activates” the tracking tag, for example, Google Ads conversion tag should only activate once users land on the thank you page (ppcsnobs.com/thank-you) — the trigger. 

3. Variables are the coded elements of your website that can used to create tiggers, for example YouTube video plays or button CSS elements.

Part B - Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Important for understanding how users engage with your website and app. GA4 is the most popular (and free) analytics software on the market.

Google Analytics will be important for measuring your PPC marketing performance, especially for tracking the website conversion actions and building audiences.

Part C - Hubspot (CRM)

Important for managing the customer relationship and sales process. Provides important visibility into how your PPC efforts impact the lead to sale journey.

A customer relationship management (CRM) process is essential for tracking the customer journey and improving your sales process. You can build a custom CRM database using Google Sheets or opt for a market solution, like Hubspot. 

Module 1: Discovery

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Module 3: Optimize