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Work from home, be your own boss, live a digital nomad lifestyle...whatever your motivation, PPC advertising can grant you the power to work remotely. Never be pinned down by an office ever again.

Table of Contents

Part A - Create a freelancer profile at Upwork.com

Upwork is an online marketplace where employers can post jobs and freelancers can look for work. Employers and freelancers can negotiate rates but Upwork takes a cut of the final payment. Well worth the price if you ask really yourself, “How much is a remote lifestyle worth?”

You can choose up to 10 services to highlight on your profile. For PPC heavy profiles, search engine marketing and display advertising is a must. Lead generation and marketing strategy is optional, but often falls in the same realm…companies often need PPC as an essential part of their lead generation and marketing toolkit.

Part B - Show off your trust symbols

Would you hand an investor $100k without knowing whether they are competent or trustworthy? PPC is about spending someone else’s money so it’s reasonable that employers want to verify the expertise.

Certifications are the easiest way to start building trust. The Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications are free, and illustrate to employers that you’re familiar with those platforms, but remember this…a certification is like a driver’s license, just because you have one doesn’t make you a good driver.


Testimonials and referrals are crucial. Your previous clients will become your evangelists if you treat them right. Aim for 100% job success. Even a high subscriber/follower count on your social platforms shows a certain level of trustworthiness. Encourage your colleagues and clients to follow, endorse and recommend you on LinkedIn.

Part C - Browse the PPC Snobs™ resource library.

Learn the basics of PPC advertising with our free startup guide or use PPC to grow an idea that you already have. Have a look at our Alignment and Discovery modules for more information about how PPC can change your life.

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