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How to Build a 6-Figure PPC Advertising Career

Working in PPC offers some of the best benefits, most flexibility and highest salaries in the world. Not to mention that the work itself is fascinating and is one of the few job positions that can singlehandedly add millions in revenue to an organization.

Table of Contents

Part A - PPC Trainee

(0-1 Year of Experience)

Most people start their PPC journey as a trainee, apprentice or intern in an agency or on the marketing team of an organization. The PPC Trainee is in learning mode, focused on building essential PPC research, optimization and reporting kills. They often start with 1 or 2 marketing channels, such as paid search or paid social.

Part B - PPC Executive

(1-2 Years of Experience)

The PPC Executive can handle basic account management tasks. They’ve grasped the basics of conversion tracking, campaign setup, bid optimization, and reporting KPIs. The PPC Executive has a basic understanding of the technology and software that’s essential for running a PPC engine. The PPC Executive starts to develop a deeper understanding of how PPC impacts the customer journey

Part C - PPC Manager

(2-5 Years of Experience)


Part D - PPC Lead

(5-8 Years of Experience)

The PPC Lead 

Part E - PPC Director

(8+ Years of Experience)

At this level, you possess multi-channel, data-driven PPC expertise. You have deep experience planning and executing global, multi-million dollar PPC budgets. You think bigger picture operations — rather than day-to-day account optimization, and your main function is to grow the business, build teams, design processes, and gather insights.

Startup Guide

Module 1: Discovery & Research

Module 3: Setup & Tracking