PPC Snobs

PPC coaching and training


Learn about the world of PPC advertising. Start with the basics.

Table of Contents

Startup Guide

Learn the basics of PPC advertising. As easy as ABC123.

Hiring Guide

How to look for PPC expertise or learn how to nurture your own talent in house.

Career Guide

PPC is a $100k profession and a $1M skillset. See the evolution of a PPC career.

Nonprofit Guide

Google offers free grants to eligible nonprofits. Use it to spread your mission.

Agency Guide

Become a Google Agency Partner. 

Freelancer Guide

Be your own boss. Escape office life. Make digital nomading a reality.

Part C - Browse the PPC Snobs™ resource library.

Learn the basics of PPC advertising with our free startup guide or use PPC to grow an idea that you already have. Have a look at our Alignment and Discovery modules for more information about how PPC can change your life.

Module 1: Alignment

Module 2: Discovery

Module 3: Tracking