The PPC Snobs Playbook

Module 4.3: Bidding

Learning to control the levers that impact PPC performance, such as tracking, structure, targeting, creatives, and automation. As we become more familiar with the levers of optimization and the software used to enable them, we'll start to achieve even greater business outcomes.​

Table of Contents

A. Smart Bidding

Value Based Bidding

Value-based bidding (tROAS) is the highest level of smart bidding maturity. 

Pipeline value or customer LTV will feed your PPC spaceship with premium quality data fuel. 

Since we already setup a CRM software that exports pipeline and revenue data back to our ad channels, 99% of the infrastructure needed to bid towards value is done.

B. Reporting

Looker Studio

Automate campaign reporting using Looker Studio. 

Learn how to report the difference between clickstream metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR and bounce rate 

— and ROI driven key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversions, CPA, lifetime value, and return on ad spend.

Each PPC platform has its own internal reporting tool, but it’s also useful to set up a few centralized sources of truth for reporting, like Google Analytics or HubSpot.

The more data that you have the work with, the better the insights generally.

8 Thoughts on Reporting KPIs

  1. KPIs should align with PPC processes and outcomes. There are tiers of KPIs: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  2. Gold – sales volume, revenue, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on ad spend (ROAS)
  3. Silver – qualified leads, cost per lead and pipeline value.
  4. Bronze – conversions (calls-quotes), cost per conversion, conversion rate
  5. Conversion rate is a nice-to-have metric in PPC, but isn’t more important than ROAS.
  6. Set up automated email alerts and reports for all need-to-know stakeholders.
  7. Don’t get overloaded in useless KPIs: Impressions, clicks, CTR and conversion rate for example.
  8. It’s often impossible to report with 100% accuracy. 



The PPC Snobs Playbook

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