Module 2 - Your website and content should inspire your audience to act.

Your website is your organization's digital showcase. It's often where your audience engages with your message for the first time. Reward your visitors by delighting them with great content and offering them a smooth online journey. Use this space to highlight what's most important to your organization.

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1. Building a Website is easier than you think. You only need a few ingredients.

Ingredients for a website:

Consider these 5 tips when running a website:

1. Be clear, transparent and make your information easily accessible. Visitors should understand what you do in less than 5 seconds.

2. Reward your audiences for visiting your website. Don’t show them ads or spammy links if they aren’t needed.

3. Contact forms should be easy to find, easy to complete and easy to submit. The same with cart checkout.

4. Invest in a speedy website. Navigating a slow website is like being stuck in traffic. So is navigating a confusing one.

5. Offer visitors a clean website design and a smooth user experience. Minimalism is the path to happiness.

2. Develop a wide variety of Creative Assets. Test multiple mediums.

Your content should seek to educate your audience and empower them to make better decisions.

3. Showcase your content on a variety of Online Channels.

All of these websites offer some form of PPC advertising. Many of them let you create a free profile, meaning free organic visibility for your organization. 

Communicate with your audience through the platforms and mediums that they regularly engage with.

Coming Soon: Optimize your website through A/B testing

Improve the stickiness of your message. A free est and deliver personalized headlines and creative assets to specific audiences. Inspire even more action by having multiple conversations with multiple people at once.

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