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We're using PPC advertising to share opportunities, promote sustainability & build global communities.

Our Entire Strategic & Tactical PPC Advertising Roadmap, Broken Down Into 8 Bite-Sized Modules.

Module 1 - Discovery

Ask the most important questions about your business, your industry and your competitors. Work with business intelligence and discovery tools like Google’s Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool, BuiltWith Website Profiler and SEMRush.

Module 2 - Tracking

Track your PPC key performance indicators (KPIs) by building your own tracking and reporting system. Build your infrastructure using 3 (FREE) tools: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Hubspot CRM.

Module 3 - Setup

Master how to implement conversion tracking, how to configure account settings, and how to design your campaign architecture. Learn to use Google Ad Editor for quickly building campaigns.

Module 4 - Creatives

Write and test ad copy that drive clicks and conversions. Learn how to increase your quality scores, improve your ad rank, and create messages that resonate deeply with your audiences.

Module 5 - Reporting

Leverage analysis and reporting techniques using tools like Google Analytics and Data Studio. Measure your PPC campaign success using key performance indicators like conversions, cost per conversion, life time value, and return on ad spend.

Module 7 - Website

Design your website around conversion rate optimization and UI/UX best practices. Build landing pages that drive user engagement and enhance your corporate storytelling. Play around with heat-mapping, funnel analysis, and A/B testing tools like Hotjar and Google Optimize. 

Module 8 - Bidding

 Understand the bidding system used by Google Ads. Leverage automated bidding tools and AI for scalable growth and performance judged by return on investment..

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Module 1: Discovery