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Lesson 5: Hiring

How to Recruit & Nurture PPC Talent. Building your internal PPC capacity while empowering underrepresented groups.

Table of Contents

Learning Objectives

  • Objective #1 – How much is a PPC professional worth?
  • Objective #2 – Differentiating between types of PPC expertise
  • Objective #3 – Working with a PPC professional

Part A - The Value of PPC Expertise

A single PPC professional could add millions in additional revenue to your business and spread your organization to a global audience. This person will develop deep insight into how and why your customers buy from you. They will understand what your audiences are searching for and the levers that drive them to buy. 

Working in the PPC industry has some of the best pay, nicest benefits, and most flexibility of any industry. Not to mention that the work itself is fascinating. The knowledge and skills are in high demand and all types of organizations are recruiting for PPC roles. 

The average PPC salary can start around $55k/year in the US (but remember that this is a global role), that’s in high demand across t’s not rare to see salaries in the $150k range.  This very much depends on the size of the budgets and the depth/scope of the role.

Much more can be earned if using PPC to grow our own businesses. Many PPC roles are even remote, meaning that high quality talent can be sourced from anywhere. PPC touches all parts of the globe. It’s a truly international career with no limits to where it can take you.

Part B - Do You Need a PPC Professional?

Finding a new member of your team to handle PPC is a big investment and even bigger decision. 

Your PPC champion will build powerful insight into what mediums best influence the shopping journey for your industry.

Hiring the right PPC specialist has a lot to do with which channels dominate your strategy and the kind of PPC expertise you need.

When to Start Looking For PPC Expertise

  • You lack the expertise to setup technology and processes
  • You need a dedicated person to manage campaigns
  • Your budgets are too massive for one person to manage
  • You require a deeper level of measurement and analysis
  • Your growth or performance is stagnant and you need a refresh
  • You’re entering a new market or need localization
  • You need a website or landing page designer
  • You need a display and/or creative specialist
  • You need a video and/or YouTube specialist
  • You need to test and implement new approaches

Part C - Hiring a PPC Agency

Hire an agency when you lack internal expertise, need strategic leadership. and/or need to outsource the elements of your PPC tactics. Agencies are generally a lower-cost option (10-15% of ad spend or billable labor hours) versus hiring a full-time PPC professional ($55k+ per year) until you reach certain budgets.

Keeping an agency as a strategic partner can be useful since they usually get a head start on new platform features and techniques, as well has having visibility across several markets and levels of marketing maturity.

Some agencies offer full-service management, meaning that they can handle your entire PPC strategy from A-Z, while others only manage specific functions within PPC, such as only working within search or display, or e-commerce vs. lead generation. The top agencies tend to have a direct relationship with an Account Manager from the major PPC platforms.

Part D - Hiring a PPC Consultant

Use a consultant when you need an outside perspective or new set of eyeballs. They are best for when you lack specialized knowledge or need to evaluate in-house expertise. 

Leverage consultants when there is stagnation in your growth or performance. Consultants generally charge by the hour or as a % of your advertising spend. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

Freelancers are best for temporarily fulfilling in `a tactical need, for example someone to write new ads, restructure campaigns, or other one-off optimization tasks. UpWork is an online marketplace where employers can post jobs and freelancers can look for work. Employers and freelancers can negotiate rates, but UpWork takes a cut of the final payment. 

Final Thoughts...

Unfortunately, the PPC industry is notorious for its lack of diversity.

So I’m committed to working with partners who advocate fairness, equity and inclusion.

And serving communities who aren’t usually targeted as “valuable” audience, particularly in the Caribbean.

So I leave you with these thoughts: 

Your PPC engine will eventually serve millions — for some companies, even billions — of ad impressions.

It’s fair to say that PPC is a conversation with every person who is served your ad. 

So, If you could communicate with millions of people at the same time, what would you say? 

If you could have several conversations at once, what are things you would talk about?

I have a few thoughts:

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