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2.2 Funnels

Do you understand how customers shop for your product/service? Mapping the customer shopping journey -- also known as the marketing and sales funnel -- means identifying the key steps and decisions that customers make as they make a purchase. Develop an understanding of the customer journey then design content, creatives or interactions to guide those steps.

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Part A - The Customer Journey

As we dissect the shopping journey, we will also make assumptions about what’s ‘important’ for our stakeholders. 

The easier way to interpret the customer funnel is to ask yourself, “what do I ask of my customers and what do they ask of me” at each stage of the shopping journey

A core part of our role is interpreting and re-reflecting the perspectives of others as we design our funnels. 

We also need to be respectful of the communities that we advertise towards. 

More importantly, we need to be conscious of how we represent these audiences in our creatives and processes.

Part B - Call to Actions (CTAs)

Tip: Let’s play a game called, “Spot the CTA”. 

Next time that you see a clickable button on a website, pay attention to the text inside of it. This is the call to the action (CTA). 

CTAs often give away the stage of the customer shopping journey that is being targeted by that website.

See some examples below:

1. Top of the Funnel CTAs

Top of funnel CTAs usually identify where the relationship building process begins. They often ask for a soft commitment (subscribe, follow, like) in exchange for more access to our creative assets, content and channels.

2. Middle of the Funnel CTAs

Middle of the funnels CTAs seek to guide towards information about our functions and/or prices. Our creatives assets should support the decision making process, such as trials, demos, and webinars.

3. Bottom of the Funnel CTAs

Bottom of the funnels CTAs get us started with the sales onboarding and intake process. Request a quote or contact sales. For e-commerce, this is usually appears as add-to-cart,  checkout or buy now.

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