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Lesson 1:
Make Money With PPC Advertising

Sell Like a C-Level

Lesson 2:
Build a High Performance PPC Engine

Your Paid Media Racecar

Lesson 3:
Find a Meaningful PPC Occupation

Writing Your Own Job title

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Table of Contents


My PPC journey started in July 2014. In the decade since then, I’ve led an agency, grown a startup, founded a business and worked for the tech giant. I’ve built a global network of executives, professionals, developers, managers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve been called a Demand Generation, Paid Media, Growth, Performance, and Digital Marketing Manager, but at a certain point, job titles don’t matter. The objective was always the same, make more in revenue than we spent in marketing.

PPC Snobs contains the knowledge and skills that I’ve gained along the way. The tactics that actually drive profit. I leave it as a gift to my son, Angelo.

Lesson 1 - How to Make Money Using PPC Advertising.

Step 1: Provide a product or a service that someone is willing to pay for.

Step 2: Use PPC advertising to sell your product / service.

Lesson 2 - How to Build a High PerfoRming PPC Engine.

Module 1: Discovery

Think Like a C-Level

Improve Your Understanding of Sales & Marketing

Module 2: Brand

Your Digital Hub

Recruit a Sales & Marketing Enabled Virtual Assistant

Module 3: Channels

Expanding Your Reach

Improve Your Understanding of Sales & Marketing

Module 4: Automation

Sales on Auto-Pilot

Recruit a Sales & Marketing Enabled Virtual Assistant

Lesson 3 - How to Find a Robust & Meaningful PPC Career.

Study the digital maturity models developed by the biggest names in tech and web.

Master of the most popular digital technology, software and platforms. 


  • Understand the “why”: Clearly define the purpose and goals of your business discovery process. Are you identifying new market opportunities, improving existing processes, or addressing customer pain points? 



Video (60s): Thinking like a C-Level




Video (45s): Your Digital Brand Hub




Video (2mins): Full-Funnel Marketing





Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

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